2006 Concrete Profiling System Technology Update

  • SSI completes integration of new Selcom RoLine 100 point (4 inch lateral line) laser for concrete pavements onto lightweight profiling system and multiple purpose profiling sytem (trailer mounted).
  • SSI lightweight profiler with RoLine laser sensor achieves equal or better performance than Ames Engineering lightweight profiler on Iowa DOT concrete research surface testing.
  • SSI profiling system with RoLine laser sensors demonstrate superb accuracy and repeatability on independent DOT certification tests.
  • 2006 Concrete Pavement Profiling System Comparison testing shows that Ames "Triods" lightweight profiling system is not a Class I profiler under ASTM E950.
  • Significantly improved profiling system technology than presented within 2005 ACPA Repeatability Tests.
  • New SSI lightweight profiler and multiple purpose profiler (trailer mounted) commercially available with RoLine sensor configured for concrete pavement testing.

Concrete Pavement Profiler Update--October 2006

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